About CTR

Center for Translational Research was founded in 2016 with the aim to create a new structure for translational science in the life science sector in Sweden.

Company history

1986-1996 Bengt Dahlström (Associate Professor in Pharmacokinetics and Drug Therapy) founded the first commercial Phase I unit in Scandinavia in 1986, which was aquired by Quintiles in 1996.

2011 Upon Quintiles closure of the Phase I unit in Uppsala in 2011, Bengt Dahlström started Clinical Trial Consultants (CTC) together with Anders Millerhovf, CEO CTC AB and Prof Folke Sjöberg.

2016 The holding company Center for Translational Research was established, and a private investor (Peter Weiderman) invested to enable aquisition of companies and other investments.

2021 External CEO Karin Meyer (PhD Pharmacology, former VP Phase I Services and Managing Director Quintiles Scandinavia, CEO Swedish Pharmaceutical Society) and board member Hans Andreasson were recruited.

2023 Hans Andreasson elected new Chairman of the Board. Bengt Dahlström Board member and Honorary Chairman of the Board. Katarina Sjögren new member of the Board.