Center for Translational Research CTR is a group of complementary life science service companies providing expert services and advice within product development. The services provided by Admescope Sweden/Metasafe complements well the current offerings and will contribute to a more seamless development process bringing value for our customers. 

Metabolites in safety testing (MIST studies) is a natural component of the early clinical development program and thereby fits very well with the services provided by the CTR-group. By this transfer, the expansion of CTR continues to build on combining key competencies and technologies with the capability to cover projects from pre-clinical to market approval. 

The collaboration between the CTR-group and Admescope and Symeres will further strengthen the access to key competences and techniques in pre-clinical development. 

The activities will continue without interruption and with the same staff, in the same facilities, using the same instrumentation. Johanna Haglund, Business Development Scientist and Head of Safety Metabolism will lead the team. 

Karin Meyer, CEO at CTR says: “Through the transfer of Admescope Sweden/Metasafe to our group we will be able to offer a more integrated approach and develop the services for our customers using the talented staff and facilities in the human metabolite profiling and characterisation area. We look forward to the collaboration with Admescope and Symeres, aiming for a more complete solution for several projects.” 

Outi Kontkanen, CEO Admescope says: “Admescope, as part of Symeres, continues to focus on delivering tailored solutions in non-clinical ADME support and toxicology, with strategic investments to further expand our services in these areas globally. We look forward to continued collaborations with the CTR group and are pleased that our talented MIST-team has a new home where it fits into the clinical drug development landscape.” 

Symeres CEO Eelco Ebbers comments: “With this transfer we will have a very logical consolidation of our ADME services at two sites, namely Nijmegen in the Netherlands and Oulu in Finland which allows us to focus our development investments. Symeres looks forward to further collaboration with CTR which will strengthen our access to key competences and techniques in pre-clinical development.” 

Contact information Karin Meyer, CEO Center for Translational Research +46 76 855 9648 2 

About CTR 

CTR was founded 2016 and is the holding company for a group of complementary life science service companies engaged in translational research. CTR is growing with the ambition to continue expand the group of qualified companies within the development of both pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Today, the CTR companies include CTC Clinical Trial Consultants, Lablytica Life Science, RegSmart Life Science, Toxicology Knowledge Team and Regfile. 

About Admescope

Admescope is a contract research organization, founded in 2011, providing high-quality non-clinical ADME-Tox services for pharma and biotech companies all around the world. There is a right assay available, regardless whether the project is in discovery, preclinical or clinical development stage. The services can be tailored from initial screening assays to regulatory compliant IND-enabling in vitro drug interaction packages. Since 2020, Admescope has been part of Symeres, with the ability to provide medicinal chemistry and integrated drug discovery & development services through the Symeres organization. 

About Symeres

Symeres is the leading mid-sized transatlantic Contract Research Organization for your drug-discovery and development challenges. With around 600 highly educated scientists in six locations in Europe and the US, we offer best-in-class solutions for drug discovery and drug development, from small to medium-sized molecule hits. We are large enough to matter, and small enough to care. Our services span across early stage hit finding all the way to the delivery of your early clinical drug substance API. We blend vast scientific knowledge with inventiveness to make great leaps on your behalf. Making Molecules Matter. Together. 

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